Judge Barry L. Breslow

Washoe County Nevada Probate Judge Barry L. Breslow

Judge Barry L. Breslow Dishonorable Judge Barry L. Breslow is a judge for the Washoe County 2nd Judicial District Court, Nevada. Appointed by former Governor Brian Sandoval in 2017, subsequently remained for 2018-2020. Replaced Hon. Lidia Stiglich. Judge Barry L. Breslow received a B.A.1984  political science Rutgers University. Earned his J.D. from Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law 1987. Breslow served as law clerk to the Judge Howard D. McKibben U.S. District Court Nevada 1987. Barry Breslow joined law firm of Robinson, Belaustegui, Sharp, & Lowan and served as an arbitrator, mediator, and facilitator. Also an arbitrator for Nevada… Continue reading

Arizona Senate Moves Reform To Probate Courts

Court Victim Community CALL TO ACTION

Arizona Senate Moves Reform To Probate Courts People can contact: Senator John Kavanagh JKavanagh@azleg.gov 602-926-5170 Representative Quang H. Nguyen Qnguyen@azleg.gov 602-926-3258 Senator Anthony Kern (Chairman) AKern@azleg.gov 602-926-3497 We will send you the Roster of the Legislators. It would help if people sent emails to all of them. Our bills go to the House of Representatives now. We want people to speak at the hearings. They can look up our bills on the Leg website. The SB1038 Probate Advisory Panel bill will allow a panel to be set up, mostly of citizens who will analyze the problems with the probate courts… Continue reading

Cook County Chicago Illinois County Judge Shauna L Boliker exposed for possible bribery

Cook County Chicago Illinois County Judge shauna louise boliker and Lisa Casanova Public Guardian exposed for possible bribery

COOK COUNTY RECORDER HIDES JUDGE SHAUNA L. BOLIKER’S LOANS Following the disclosure of Judge Shauna L. Boliker’s considerable loan history, with concerns voiced that these loans are in fact a vehicle for bribery, the Cook County Recorder has now made this information unavailable. You can read the initial article containing the data on these loans here Today’s search, again using her husband’s name, came up with NOTHING! NONE of the hits relate to the appropriate party! Back Search : Name: Andrews David M Total Documents : 6 Click the boxes to select your documents before adding to the cart. You… Continue reading

Britney Spears was robbed with the help of many DISHONORABLE judges and dirty lawyers who pretend to care or help but only steal

UG Los Angeles County California Judge Brenda J Penny helps lawyer Samuel D Ingham III rob Britney blind.

  THESE ARE THE HEINOUS CRIMES DONE BEFORE TOTALLY DISHONORABLE JUDGES WHO LAUGH BECAUSE FBI, DOJ, POLICE AND GOVERNMENT IGNORE THESE CRIMES, ABUSES AND MURDERS IN PROBATE COURT   WARNING ABOUT CONSERVATORSHIP/GUARDIANSHIP: What needs to be investigated and exposed. The small legal groups (gangs) of people involved in these questionable conservatorship/guardianship cases, same judges, lawyers and property companies who elect and assign each other. Often victims have no choice who represents them and can’t change that person should they feel violated or unfairly treated. There are Conservator rights and rules but the problem is the judge often ignore or don’t… Continue reading


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