Jail 4 Judges is the brain child of Activist, Court Victim and Dr. Richard I. Fine who is in the process of working on his Bill “Amend SBX 2 11”  and who understands the key to bringing back Justice to Americans. If you’re unaware of the Epidemic of Judicial Abuse by the majority of judges in America you’re not paying attention. The fact that judges are all but every held fully accountable or prosecuted for their crimes, abuse, violation of oath and violating law. SEE Reuters Major investigative article Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on… Continue reading

When Jail 4 Judges becomes the norm Justice will once again be available to the public

Judges need to fear accountability and prosecution because without it we have the epidemic of Judicial Corruption that exists tdaoy. The concept of “The Foxes guarding their Hen Houses” is NOT working. We can’t have law school friends and buddies judging each other or deciding what punishment they deserve for destroying the American justice system Continue reading


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