Judge Richard D. Huffman

Corrupt Judge Richard D. Huffman Huffman, Richard D. Judge 37992 San Diego¬† Admission Date January 1966 Want to know the total truth about this dishonest and criminal SEE SHARON KRAMER Shame on San Diego Court Judge Judith McConnell CorruptionAnti-Dated Judgement No Jurisdiction No Immunity GOVERNMENT FRAUD, Hiding dangerous TOXIC MOLD problems, doing so for BIG MONEY and BIG BUSINESS. Kelman V. Kramer~Petition For Writ Of Mandate~Justice Judith McConnell Prove Jurisdiction Exposing Environmental Health Threats & Those Responsible for Them Kelman v. Kramer~Motion To Disqualify Justice Judith McConnell Self-Known To Be Maliciously Presiding Coram Non Judice Judicial Council Watcher GET SUPPORT… Continue reading