Judge Judith D. McConnell

Corrupt San Diego County California Judge Judith D McConnell

  Corrupt Judge Judith McConnell McConnell, Judith Dobson Judge 45557 San Diego Admission Date January 1970 Want to know the total truth about this dishonest and criminal SEE SHARON KRAMER Shame on San Diego Court Judge Judith McConnell Corruption Anti-Dated Judgement No Jurisdiction No Immunity GOVERNMENT FRAUD, Hiding dangerous TOXIC MOLD problems, doing so for BIG MONEY and BIG BUSINESS. Kelman V. Kramer~Petition For Writ Of Mandate~Justice Judith McConnell Prove Jurisdiction Exposing Environmental Health Threats & Those Responsible for Them Kelman v. Kramer~Motion To Disqualify Justice Judith McConnell Self-Known To Be Maliciously Presiding Coram Non Judice Judicial Council Watcher GET… Continue reading