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Judge Matos allowed redacted evidence discussed in front of a jury to be admitted. He refused to allow exculpatory evidence into my trial which was a federal lawsuit filed by the alleged victim against another party claiming they did what he claimed I did. He won a settlement in that case and it directly refuted his allegations against me. He remanded me after I lost trial for a white collar offense that I had been out on bond for almost 4 years on without incident claiming I was a risk and parole violator. I have never been on parole. I had severe medical issues while at the aci and judge matos claimed I was manipulating the system even though the DOC records clearly proved I couldnt have as I was in the DOC hospital under 24/7 watch. His justification for not allowing a new trial was that I transferred money to my personal account. That didn’t happen. He had the banking records and simply ignored them. The money went from the businesses checking to the same businesses savings. All clearly documented by evidence he had but refused to acknowledge. I was then told I would be incarcerated for about 2 years before my appeal would be heard as the judge told my attorney and prosecutor that I was looking at 6 years even though the guidelines for my offense recommended less than jail time. After 3 months at high security intake I decided to take a deal to get back to my wife and 3 kids but they only would allow it if I gave up my appellate rights.


    Free Palestine